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Book Review: The Silverwing Series, by Kenneth Opall

8th August 2016 | by Rachael Rogan

This special post is brought to you by one of our regular customers, Caroline, aged 10. Caroline recently read the children’s ‘Silverwing’ series for us, and gave us this wonderful review!

“Three very interesting and enthralling books. However, I also found them confusing, and it takes a seriously well-written book to confuse a librarian! I cannot decide whether to cast them as ‘adventure’, ‘horror’ or ‘fantasy’.

‘Silverwing’ is an incredible adventure in which we meet Shade, a young bat. He embarks on a quest to his hibernation grounds and meets his best friend, and worst nemesis, on the way. ‘Sunwing’ continues his journey to find his father. ‘Firewing’ leads him to save his son.

I would say they are quite spread through my age recommendations; ‘Silverwing’ is suitable for age 10+, ‘Sunwing’ I would say slightly older (about 12), and ‘Firewing’ aged 14.

It is an absolute must-read for those who like adventure containing peril, revelations and just a hint of mystery. I give the series absolute top marks!”

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